Bag Straps and Purse Chains

Over the shoulder or crossbody? With XARI bag straps and purse chains you can go both ways! Choose from our collection of canvas woven straps, guitar straps, messenger straps, adjustable leather straps and bag chains.

Replacing the strap of your handbag

 Generally there are 2 reasons why you should go for a new bag strap:

  1.  The original strap that is attached to / came with your handbag has signs of wear. This can sometimes give an overall 'worn/unkempt' look. A bag strap can be the first part that shows wear and tear while the actual bag is still in good condition. Replacing the strap of your handbag with a new one can give your bag a brand new look! 
  2. You just want to create different looks using your favourite bag. That's right! No need to have a big handbag collection in different colours. Just mix and match with different handbag accessories such as our colourful bag straps, bag chains, purse charms and purse scarves!


Adding a Chain To Your Purse

Bag chains can give your handbags a more sophisticated look. Our selection of bag chains is perfect for small pochettes to medium sized purses. We have chains in different lengths. Create a cute top handle look with our short chains 22cm - 40cm. Generally 40cm-90cm chains are perfect for over the shoulder wear. Our 100cm - 120cm chains are great for crossbody wear. Looking for a longer chain? Feel free to chat with us.

Canvas woven bag straps

Our canvas woven straps come in different colours and patterns. Easily give your handbags a new look with one of these adjustable replacement straps!


Adjustable leather bag straps

We have untreated and treated leather bag straps. Our vachetta bag straps will naturally develop a beautiful honey/tanned colour over time. If you want a leather strap that already has that honey patina colour to match the patina colour of your handbag - you can go for our 'adjustable honey patina' leather straps. We also offer tan, coffee brown and black adjustable leather straps. Which replacement strap are you going for?