Bag Charms

Elevate your handbag with a handmade bag charm from XARI Collections. Be unique in style and match your luxury bag accessories with your outfit of the day. We have a wide collection of high-quality finished mixed metal purse charms and 18k gold plated purse jewellery. Take your designer handbag to the next level!

Bag charms are great accessories to style your handbag in a unique way. No need to have a big handbag collection in many different colours. Just mix and match your handbag accessories! You can complete the look with our bag scarves and bag straps & purse chains.

These bag charms will look great on our Italian handmade premium leather XARI Handbags or on your favourite luxury designer handbags. Time to dress up your bag!

Our Bag Charm Collection

We offer a wide range of bag charms: single bag charms, chain charms, leather tassel charms, camellia purse charms and also charms that have an 18k gold plated finish. Our bag charms range from a casual style that are perfect on your every day handbag to finer charms that give you that top-notch luxury look.

Some of our larger bag charms have a key ring. This makes it possible to also use them as a key charm. Tip: add one of our Camellia bag charms to your car key. This creates a fun look and makes your car key always easy to spot.

It is also possible to customise bag charms. Please contact us or start to personalise your items here.

Customised Bag Charms With Your Initials

Want to make your personal accessories as unique as possible or looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones? Personalised bag charms with initials are the way to go! Choose between different colours of high quality leather and pick the type of embossing you want. Your initials will be hot stamped on premium leather by the No. 1 specialists in this field in the Netherlands. We are collaborating with The M-Bar (The Monogram Bar) to ensure you will receive the best personalised small leather goods.


Bag Charm Care

Enjoy your bag charms for a long time by storing them properly when not in use. Read some tips & tricks in our blog post here: How to keep your bag charms from tarnishing


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