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Bandeau, mini bandeau, twill or twilly - many names but at XARI Collections we call it Bag Scarf. Our silk-feel bag scarves are great to accessorise your handbag in a fun way but can also have a functional aspect by protecting the handles of your bag. Moisture, creams, sunscreen, hand sanitizer etc. can cause damage and/or discolouration to the handles of your handheld purse. Especially untreated/vachetta leather but also coated leather. By wrapping these handbag handles with bag scarves you can avoid this from happening. Simply create fun looks by playing around with different coloured bag scarves. No need to have a large handbag collection. Just switch up the looks of your purses by mixing and matching accessories such as bag scarves, bag charms and bag chains or straps!

You can even take it to the next level by getting your initials embroidered on these mini bandeaus. Now that's being unique!